Motorcycle Customers

Chicken Hawk Racing Tire Warmers are the Official Tire Warmer of the following riding schools:

  • DiSalvo Speed Academy
  • Yamaha Champion Schools
  • CornerSpeed Schools and Track Days
  • Ed Bargy Roadrace School
  • Danny walker’s Road Race Factory and
  • American Super Camp

Racers using Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers:

Moto GP Series – Moto2 Class

  • Kiefer Racing Team – Max Neukirchner
  • In 2011, 4 out of 5 AMA national championships were won using Chicken Hawk Racing products last year. In the premier Superbike class, 11 of 14 race wins throughout the year were nabbed by riders using Chicken Hawk tire warmers and Chicken Wrap wheel insulators.


Superbike Class

  • Team Yoshimura – Blake Young & Chris Clark
  • Michael Jordan Motorsports – Ben Bostrom
  • Erik Buell Racing – Danny Eslick & Geoff May
  • HMC KTM Racing – Chris Fillmore
  • National Guard Jordan Suzuki – Roger Hayden
  • Pegram Racing – Larry Pegram
  • M4 Suzuki – Roberto Pietri and Chris Ulrich

Daytona Sportbike

  • Geico Suzuki Team – Martin Cardenas
  • M4 Broster Chicken Suzuki – Dane Westby
  • RoadRace Factory Red Bull – J.D. Beach and Jake Gagne
  • Duc Shop Racing – Jake Zemke

XR1200 Class

  • Tyler O’Hara – Josh Chisim Racing
  • Kyle Wyman – KLR Group
  • Michael Barnes
  • Travis Wyman
  • Gerry Signorelli


Chicken Hawk Racing is also well represented in the young guns SuperSport class. Standouts running CHR tire warmers and Chicken Wraps include Corey Alexander on the National Guard, Fairhills Group, Celtic team; Elena Myers riding for SuzukiScoopFans, Racing, and James Rispoli representing Celtic-Orient Express Racing.
Although we love to tout the big teams who use our product, we value the privateers who know that in the long run it is the best made product that is the best value – look for these racers on the grid next to you:
James Rispoli, Steve Rapp, Michael Barnes, Kyle Wyman, Hayden Gillim, Tomas Puerta, Dustin Dominguez, Garrett Gerloff, Santiago Villa, Stefano Mesa, Mark Miller Jr., Rick Doucette, Scott Greenwood, Tim Bemisderfer, Brian Stokes, Scott Carpenter, Reese Wacker, Sean Dwyer, Chris Opie Caylor, Jimmy Merck, Jeffrey Tigert and the guy you’re racing to Turn #1!

AMA Flat Track Racing

That’s right! Even in the dirt Tire Warmers can make a big difference if the tire builds heat & pressure from it’s normal use…just ask!

  • Jared Mees
  • Chris Carr
  • Kenny Coolbeth Jr.

2007 AMA Series

  • Ben Spies Yoshimura Suzuki – AMA Superbike & Superstock Champion
  • Mat Mladin Yoshimura Suzuki
  • Jake Zemke American Honda
  • Aaron Yates Jordan Suzuki
  • Josh Hayes Erion Racing – AMA Xtreme Champion
  • Steve Rapp Attach Kawasaki Xtreme runner up
  • Aaron Gobert Erion Racing Xtreme 3rd place
  • Jared Mees AMA Flat Track 2nd place
  • Jeff Ward Troy Lee Design AMA SuperMoto Champion

2006 AMA Series

  • Ben Spies Yoshimura Suzuki ? AMA Superbike Champion
  • Mat Mladin Yoshimura Suzuki
  • Miguel Duhamel American Honda
  • Josh Hayes Erion Honda – AMA Formula Xtreme Champion

2005 CHR riders dominated AMA Superbike taking the Top 11 Spots!

  • Mat Mladin Yoshimura Suzuki
  • Ben Spies Yoshimura Suzuki
  • Eric Bostrom Austin Ducati
  • Aaron Yates Yoshimura Suzuki
  • Miguel Duhamel American Honda
  • Neil Hodgson Austin Ducati
  • Marty Craggill Mladin Motorsports
  • Steve Rapp Jordan Motorsports
  • Josh Hayes Attack Kawasaki
  • Lee Acree Arclight Racing
  • Jake Zemke American Honda

Circle Track Customers

Several NEXTEL Cup Teams have used CHR Tire Warmers for Private Testing (since they are banned during sanctioned events).

  • Richard Childress Racing
  • Joe Gibbs Racing

**Some teams have requested to remain anonymous

Chicken Hawk Racing is partnered with DIRT Motorsports in 2008 because so many of our customers were keeping their Tire Warmers to themselves!

Some of our successful customers include:

  • Danny Lasoki – World of Outlaws – Sprint Cars
  • Daryl Pitman – World of Outlaws – Sprint Cars
  • Chris Madden – Southern Nationals- Dirt Late Model
  • Jeep Van Wormer – Dirt Late Model
  • Jeff Tavis – Late Model
  • Mike Jackson – Late Model

Sports Car Customers

  • Stohr Cars – Atlanta
  • Fortyhe Racing: Champ Car
  • Champ Car series: Two Seater Program
  • High Croft Racing: ALMS-LMP2
  • Pacific Coast Motorsports: Daytona Proto-types
  • Lew Larimer: SCCA Corvette
  • Naykid Racing: SCCA Viper
  • GoTo Racing: Subaru Time Attack Car
  • Dyson Racing: ALMS & Grand Am Rolex Sports Car
  • Auto Craze: Porsche Cup
  • Stohr Cars: SCCA F1000
November 17, 2014

Just a note to say thank you for your great product. I'm a new rider, involved in sportbikes and track days, and I just completed my first track event at VIR. The early mornings were in the upper 30's / low 40's. and the Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers not only performed as promoted, they gave me a level of confidence that allowed me to focus on and significantly improve my riding skills and techniques over the weekend. Thank you.

November 17, 2014

Got my repaired Pole Position warmers back yesterday. Thanks so much for the fast turn around. You guys rock!

November 17, 2014

I've only used my Chicken Hawks twice, but so far I like them. I've heard nothing but good things about their service (repair, etc.) also.

November 17, 2014

Guys running tire sox that I have pitted with at the races always bitched about them not getting hot at all. I ended up loaning out my Chickenhawks to 2 riders at the GNF because the tire socks just weren't cutting it.

November 17, 2014

I like the tyre sox because they create endless busy work just when I'm trying to get out on the track. When I get in, especially in 90 degree weather, I like having to fuss with four pieces of equipment before I can get into the shade. I also like the way the blue covers (what is that material anyway, rat fur?) tear and then sag over the tires instead of covering them. I like the fact that they keep my tires quite cool. I like them so darn much I just bought Chicken Hawks...

November 17, 2014

I am an original Chicken hawk guy...when they were the only game in town unless you wanted to spend 1250 on those fancy european models.

My first set purchased in 94 lasted till 97 my set in 97 still works to this day...
Although I did upgrade to the digital chickenhawk tire warmers... worth every penny.

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