Digital Model Tire Warmers


This is the Mac-Daddy of all warmers!

99% of our Auto Tire Warmers are built to your Tire Size! We simply need the Brand, Model and size to proceed and lead time is usually a week. Expedited service is available, please call the office for options.


  • Temperature Adjustable with Solid State Micro-Processor and Digital Display
  • See actual tire temperature while the warmer runs. Most accurate available on the market.
  • Use to set your Hot Tire Pressures BEFORE you hit the track!
  • Temperature set point is changed with the push of a button- Range up to 212 degrees F.
  • Use higher temps to get ready to hit the track & lower temps for saving Heat Cycles in between track sessions. Safely heat rain tires and different compounds
  • Soft Suitcase
  • Foam Filled hard case for the Digital Controllers

**This model includes the Digital Controllers in foam filled carry case & controller stand.

Please note the side insulation discs are an additional cost and listed under Accessories.

Standard Colors are Red, Blue or Black.  The Chrome Exterior is an aluminized Kevlar which not only looks great, is tear-resistant and easy to clean but the main benefit is reflecting more heat back into the tire making the tire warmer more efficient.



Designed for our automotive product line. These 5mm thick nylon covered neoprene discs are designed to cover the side wall and rim to retain heat in the tire and especially the wheel. Getting the wheel heat soaked is key in attaining hot tire pressure in the pits.

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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 30 in