Industrial Applications

Custom Heaters & Research is an Industrial division of CHR Inc. When commercial and industrial clients saw our rugged, temperature accurate Tire Warmers they began to ask for a wide variety of Flexible Heating Jackets for their own custom needs.Now this industrial division of CHR Inc stands alone serving a different client with products that have the same qualities as our Tire Warmers:

  • Custom Built
  • Flexible
  • Can be installed permanently or removed as needed in the field
  • Built for extreme environments
  • Go from concept to finished product quickly
  • Economically priced

It has been these abilities that prompted main stream industry to call on CHR’s abilities to design and manufacture a variety of custom built heaters.

Now devoted entirely to industrial and commercial applications, Custom Heaters & Research is able to quickly provide turn-key solutions to heating needs:

  • Design concepts
  • Proto-types
  • Test data evaluating results
  • Manufacture finished goods

Based in the Hudson Valley of New York State, our team of professionals makes big problems go away fast.

Have Custom or Industrial heating needs? Visit Custom Heaters and Research to find out more. Turn key products for your projects – On-Time, Superior Quality and Economical.

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