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Roadracing World Tire Warmers How & Why 4-17

Give a carpenter a level and a plane and he’ll know what to do with them. They’re tools of his trade. However. without a knowledge base, an inexperienced person may not know how to use those tools correctly. Tire warmers are…

Roadracing World and Motorcyle Technology – Shop Profile

There’s a popular saying that necessity is the mother of all invention. Well, racer David Podolsky didn’t invent tire warmers, but it only took a few times going out to practice on cold tires on 40-degree mornings before he felt… Fuel Your Passion – featuring Chicken Hawk Racing

Have you ever compared a fine wine or a rock band’s performance rehearsal to the tires on your motorcycle? Well, according to David Podolsky, owner and creator of Chicken Hawk Racing, maybe you should. Read the full article