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Grassroots Motorsports – Electric Tire Warmers

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

Why waste a lap bringing the tires up to temperature when you can have science do the work for you in the pits? Tire warmers have long been the standard in top tiers of competition, and Chicken Hawk Racing has…

Grassroots Motorsports – How hot is hot enough?

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine

As everyone’s favorite fictional blonde trespasser can attest, ideal temperature is a key to satisfaction.

Pirelli World Challenge Series Technical Article

Give a carpenter a level and a plane and he’ll know what to do with them. They’re tools of his trade. However, without the proper knowledge, an inexperienced person may not know how to use the tools to their advantage….

Racecar Engineering – Hot Donuts

It’s fair to say, most race teams would prefer the optimal racecar set-up and the best set of working tyres out on the track to a few percent of extra horsepower.