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CHR with Grassroots Motorsports

Streamed live on Jul 31, 2019 Tires need heat to work at their optimum on track. But how much? And how best to get and retain that heat? David Podolsky from Chicken Hawk Racing joins us live to discuss how

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Tire Warmers: How and Why

by David Podolsky THE KEY TO CHASSIS PERFORMANCE When discussing tires, factors include grip, traction, tire longevity, chassis performance and suspension performance. In addition to propelling us forward and keeping us upright through corners, tires are our first responders. The

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Roadracing World Tire Warmers How & Why 4-17

Give a carpenter a level and a plane and he’ll know what to do with them. They’re tools of his trade. However. without a knowledge base, an inexperienced person may not know how to use those tools correctly. Tire warmers are

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